Forward Today: Happy Easter… still!

Dear friends in Christ,

From the resurrection chapel at Washington National Cathedral

We’re just about two thirds of the way through the Easter season. So let me wish you a Happy Easter! By my count, we have about 18 more days to celebrate the glory of Jesus Christ’s resurrection with special intention this season.

How are you celebrating? If you stopped celebrating, it’s OK! In the Christian Gospel, it’s never too late. So feel free to pick up where you left off and start celebrating again. Maybe you’ll say prayers giving thanks for the resurrection of Jesus each day. Or maybe you’ll be bold and share the Good News of God’s victory over sin and death. Love wins!

At Forward Movement, we have a few ways to help you keep up your Easter celebration for the full fifty days of the season. You can visit and read daily reflections. You can buy my book of Easter reflections and start partway through. It’s all good!

I find it spiritually refreshing to celebrate Easter continuously for the full length of the season. If I’m honest, it’s a bit selfish. You see, sometimes I get discouraged by the state of the world and condition of the church. Remembering that God has utterly defeated evil and sin with his grace and mercy in the triumph of love helps me keep the right perspective.

So if you’re like me and you sometimes don’t feel like it’s still Easter, fear not! God’s victory is still true. In the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God shows us the ultimate power of his grace and mercy. Thanks be to God for that. Alleluia!

Yours faithfully,

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Scott Gunn
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