Forward Today: Ambassadors for Christ

In this week’s edition of our weekly newsletter, Scott reflects on Christmas and “this funny time of year for Christians and the public life.”

Dear friends in Christ,


Someone recently asked me if I’d speak to a reporter to offer a theological perspective on a game called Santa vs. Jesus. I haven’t seen the game, but of course I Googled it. It’s a hard game, meant to be humorous, apparently designed to make the point that Christmas is about Jesus. OK, fair enough. I’m sold.
That got me to thinking about this funny time of year for Christians and the public life. Some people wonder if it’s better to stick it out with Advent for the duration, or if we should cave and join wider culture in celebrating Christmas. And of course, certainly people try to stir a battle each year over an alleged “war on Christmas” with pointed commentary about the correct greeting for this time of year or even what color Starbucks coffee cups should be.

Mostly this is all very predictable and not a little silly. But there is a deeper issue lurking in the conversation. How should our Christian faith be lived in the public sphere? Is it OK to display our faith, or does respect for others compel us to hide our faith? Should we expect public and commercial entities to cater to our Christian faith? When can we do this lightly, and when does it become a serious issue?


 Photo of Glasgow Cathedral by Flickr user Michel Curi / Creative Commons


Around 10,000 people will receive this email, and I expect there are 10,000 different answers. I’d be interested in reading yours on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or as comments on the Forward Movement blog. For my part, I think a pluralistic culture means that I should be a proud and respectful Christian, and I should delight in meeting proud and respectful Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, and more. By being ourselves and by approaching others with openness and curiosity, we can forge deep and meaningful relationships–which is what our world and our nation needs right now. Whether you’re an Advent stickler (like me) or already in full-on Christmas mode, I hope you and I can be ambassadors for Jesus Christ–joyful, loving, penitent, generous people–this time of year and always.
If you see me and wish me a “Happy Holidays” I will smile and thank you. I’ll probably greet fellow Christians with “Have a blessed Advent” for the next few days, and then for the duration of Christmastide, I’ll say, “Happy Christmas.” Rather than worry about whether I got or gave the best greeting, I’m going to do my best to give thanks that I can greet another person with Christ’s love and in his name.


Yours faithfully, 
Scott Gunn
Executive Director

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