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New Infographics: The Sacristy Series

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest set of infographics—The Sacristy series! Modeled with vintage feel, these infographics provide helpful information for everyone from the acolytes to the Altar Guild. Created by designer and Episcopal priest Chris Corbin, these infographics provide a contemporary way to engage and teach people of all ages about their faith.

Eucharistic Vestments: This infographic not only helps understand the order of vestments but also clothes the practice in prayer.


Thurifer Infographic: This infographic helps thurifers get into the swing of serving at the altar, with helpful descriptions about preparing the thurible and how to cense people (and things!).


Acolytes and Servers Infographic: This infographic offers visual cues for vesting as acolytes as well as the order for processing down the aisle for worship.


Chalice and Candles Infographic: This infographic helps the Altar Guild and acolytes as they set the altar and prepare for worship.


Christian Year Infographic: This infographic provides an easy-to-understand chart of the seasons of the church year and corresponding liturgical colors as well as the major feasts of the Episcopal Church.


Discipleship Bundle: This Sacristy Bundle includes the Eucharistic Vestments Infographic, Thurifer Infographic, Acolytes and Servers Infographic, Chalice and Candles Infographic, and Christian Year Infographic, and is intended for printed distribution within your congregation or organization. Purchasers will receive a download link to the high-resolution PDF versions of each infographic; suitable for printing and distributing in church bulletins, newsletters, or on bulletin boards. Files print nicely on standard ledger paper (11” x 17”) or could be taken to a local print shop to be made into posters.

Evangelism Bundle: Purchasers will receive a download link to the high resolution PDF, JPEG, and PNG versions of each infographic; suitable for printing in-house, taking to a local print shop, sharing on your website or social media channels, and/or incorporating into a publication. Files print nicely on standard ledger paper (11” x 17”) or could be taken to a local print shop to be made into posters.

Forward Today: In Faith, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Dear friends,

The advertising world gave us the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and variations of the same. Early in the twentieth century, advertisers were encouraging the use of visuals to create the desired image rather than paragraphs of text. Just over 100 years after the first known usage, and the saying is still true.

We’re a visual culture, and so I hope the church is always looking for ways to connect with people using images of various kinds. Congregations can use Instagram to connect with local communities. Among other wonderful attributes of the Episcopal Church, our liturgy makes for great photo ops! By the way, if you’re not already following Forward Movement on Instagram, give us a follow.

A few months ago, our staff started thinking about how we might use infographics to offer teaching and inspiration. When we published a summary of what we had learned in RenewalWorks about the spiritual life of the Episcopal Church, we made an infographic and published the paper. The infographic brilliantly shares much of what’s in the paper.

Then we started thinking more broadly. We worked with the Rev. Chris Corbin from the Diocese of South Dakota, who has a knack for making beautiful and informative infographics. So far, we’ve released two sets of these graphics. One set covers Easter and Holy Week liturgies, and the other does some teaching around basics of the Episcopal Church. You can buy the sets or individual graphics. (We have one coming in Spanish soon, too.) These graphics are designed to be used inside congregations for information and teaching, or as part of evangelism and community connection.

This is all part of our work at Forward Movement to meet the needs of today’s church while preparing for tomorrow’s church. Are you using graphics and photos in your church? Are you using images to share the story of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ?

Let us know on social media (Facebook or Twitter) how you are saying thousands of words with images. And tell us how we’re doing at providing the tools you need as disciples and evangelists of Jesus Christ.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Gunn
Executive Director

Today’s Flash Sale: The Path

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With informative trail signs to help you see how each piece of the narrative fits together, The Path is an experience unlike any other: an amazing 360-degree overview of the vast, sweeping story of God’s extraordinary love for ordinary people. Join us on this epic adventure, a journey through the Bible to grow closer to God.

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New Infographics

Forward Movement is excited to release a new series of infographics about Holy Week and Easter. This five-part downloadable graphic series provides a contemporary way for individuals and churches to learn more about the traditions, practices, and history of the Anglican tradition of Christianity.

Downloadable PDFs can be purchased individually, or all at once with either our Discipleship Bundle for printing at your church, or the Evangelism Bundle for both printing and digital distribution across your channels.

The series includes infographics on:
Holy Week
The Way of the Cross
The Triduum

Not sure? Test it out! We’re giving away the Holy Week infographic for FREE through the end of April. Click here and use the promo code ONEGRAPHIC to receive this download for free through April 30 (expires at 9:00 p.m. ET).