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Dear friends in Christ,

Last weekend I was in Vancouver, BC to preach at Christ Church Cathedral. While I was there, I also offered a workshop on Saturday called Anglican Evangelism for Everyone. We had much lively conversation together.

I meant the title in two meanings. Evangelism is for everyone in that Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations. That is, there is no one with whom we should fail to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. But there’s the other angle, too. All of us Christians are meant to be evangelists.

To be a disciple of Jesus, we must choose to follow him. Evangelism must never be coercive or manipulative. While it’s true that there are some “bad” evangelists out there, that’s no reason for us to try to hoard our faith but fail to commend the hope that is within us.

The greatest gift we can give someone is to invite them to know Jesus, to know they are loved by him, and to love him back. I hope we’ll all proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ when we are able to do so.

Sometimes I hear people lament that fewer people find their way into our churches. Other times I observe people wishing for a more just, more compassionate world. The solution to both challenges is the same: we can invite others to know God’s gracious love for us and for the whole creation.

If we experience God’s grace and mercy, we simply won’t be able to contain ourselves from sharing that same grace and mercy with those around us. As Jesus commanded us, let us hasten to love others as he first loved us.

Evangelism is for everyone. Let’s get to it.

Yours faithfully,

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Scott Gunn
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