Forward Today: Our faith roots itself in story

Dear friends in Christ: We’re pleased to welcome Miriam McKenney, our Director of Development and Mission Engagement, as our guest author this week.

Our faith roots itself in story. As director of development and mission engagement, I love to connect givers and receivers through our stories because we are both. I hope the stories remind us that we are made in God’s image and are beloved of God and each other.

Colossians 4:2: "Keep on praying and guard your prayers with thanksgiving."Last week, I attended a conference for non-profit fundraisers called Stories Worth Sharing. Listening to the presentations caused me to question my work and role at Forward Movement. Seeing and hearing the presenters’ passion for their work made me wonder if I was doing mine as well as I could. Jesus took time to himself to pray and discern; I thought, it’s probably time for me to do the same.

Then Lindsay, development associate, sent me this note a donor wrote on the envelope that included her gift:

Earlier this year, I made a small donation to Forward Movement. Shortly thereafter, I received a wonderful thank you letter from Miriam McKenney. The thoughtfulness of Miriam’s letter inspired me to donate more. Please keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Holly

What I needed right then showed up! My prayer practice offers lots of space to listen to God’s voice as Spirit. I’m thankful God answered my prayer through Holly. Her note witnessed our ministry sharing the good news of God’s love and gave me an enormous rush of peace and comfort.

When we invite you to donate to our ministry, we do so with the understanding that the call to give is personal between you and God. Only God knows God’s timing. As we seek God’s love and counsel in our lives, we can listen to the Spirit to know when and how to act. I do that best at a specific spot in Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum in Cincinnati. I wonder where you hear God.

We at Forward Movement sincerely appreciate all the gifts we receive in all amounts. Many of you round up when you order on our website. Each offering added with the others affirms our faith and that we must share the good news with all who seek it.

Holly, thank you for reaffirming my role in our ministry. Thank you, God, for answering my prayer when I cried out to you. May you all know your place in the story today and every day.

Miriam G. Willard McKenney serves as Forward Movement’s development director and is on the Way of Love working group. She was a children’s librarian and school media specialist for twenty years before joining Forward Movement’s staff in 2010. Miriam loves to evangelize picture books for all ages and her love of outdoor fitness, even in extreme temperatures — as there’s no bad weather, just incorrect clothing choices. She finds joy in parenting her three adult daughters, Nia, Kaia, and Jaiya, with her husband, David.

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