I find God…

sunsetInterested in the wide array and differences in spiritual experiences, the Forward Movement team was asked, “Where do you find God?” Their thoughtful answers are below. Where do YOU find God? Let us know!

“I am a creative sort of person, so I find God in projects, especially writing projects. When I get excited about writing, especially fiction, I find God there. Which is sort of funny, because my fiction writing isn’t focused on religious subjects at the moment. It’s just that my religion is inherent to who I am, and who I am shows up in what I write. With fiction, and sometimes with a good article, I feel that creative energy rushing through, and God feels involved. To a lesser extent, I feel this with other creative work as well. When I made my kids’ Halloween costumes last October (knight costumes made of foam board), for example, I think God was probably all over that.” -Liz Brignac

“I often find God in music. I can become totally immersed in the beauty of it (both with and without lyrics, but more than likely without) and can be moved to tears (and I am not a crier). I am a musician and a lover of classical music, and I do believe that some works were Divinely inspired by God. When I sense this in something I am hearing or playing, it can leave me breathless. I thank God for this form of worship.” -Vicki Everett

“I find God in clear skies and the sun, hot on my skin. I find her in quiet Sundays spent on my porch and long solo walks around my neighborhood. I find God in the kindness of new people in unfamiliar places and in the awe of all I have yet to see.” -Alyssa F.

“In trying to stay in the moment, I often remind myself to greet the world around me in a mindful way. This morning, in my rush to work, the world was foggy around me and I wasn’t in the moment at all. I was in the deadlines I had, the things on my list, the plans for the weekend. As I walked to my car to drive in, a red tailed hawk flew onto the roof next door. We watched each other as she puffed up her feathers and took in the surroundings from her perch. Stopped in my tracks, I greeted her, and thanked her to reminding me of the beauty God has given all around us, and away she flew.” -Alexis Fortuna Caoili

“Where do I find God? Mostly in the unexpected. Having grown up in the church, I know all the usual places, but it’s the unexpected ones that seem to stick with me the most. Like the surprise of finding grace in my young son’s promise that he won’t mess up again—I love him for saying it but know full well he will. God has heard the same line from me! Or the unexpected connection I found at an open house at a neighboring Mosque—despite differences in dress, worship, and customs, I found God’s unifying presence within their gathering. These moments have gotten my attention and stayed with me when I think of where I find God.” -Amy Golden

“In praying for people I get a glimpse of seeing God’s hand bringing peace and victory over them.” -Barb Hine

“I find God in the little seeds we are planting for our garden this spring. There is so much hope, life, and nourishment locked up in these tiny little things…enough to fill our hearts and pantry. All we have to do is add water and good soil, and God’s own goodness does the rest of the hard work.” -Rachel Jones

“I find God in nature, in every breath I take.” -Tania Jones

“Mostly, I find God when I’m quietly exploring nature—emphasis on the quiet part. I find God standing in the middle of a river fishing for trout, hiking to a mountain overlook, or letting the waves wash over my bare feet while the sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico.” -Jason Merritt

“I find God when I am walking down the  street and smile and speak to strangers and they return the smile and speak back!” -Aleia Robinson

“I find God in everyone I meet.” -Debbie Springer

“I find God in the brush of my husband’s hand and in one-armed hugs from our teenagers, card games with my family, and morning phone calls with Mom and Dad. I feel God when the dogs lay their heads across my shin, the cats stretch for a rub, and the horse leans into my touch. I hear God in the descant of a favorite hymn, the wind that curls around the mountains, and the cool underneath the first layer of sand. I see God in the outstretched hands of a toddler, earnest in receiving the Body and Blood, and the canopy of trees viewed from a hammock. God is there in the first bite of noodles rolled out by arthritic hands and in the smoke of a campfire fueled by tall tales and s’mores. In so many ways, I find God, and am ever grateful God always finds me.” -Richelle Thompson

“Ah, such a subject: where do I find God?
I must confess, it is God who finds me.

Sure, I do my best to set aside times for encounter, knowing that it often feels as if I’m the only one who remembered the appointment, but I try to concentrate on the fact that faith is not about feeling God is there, it’s about trusting God is there.

When I trust God is there I tend to believe and behave out of generosity, kindness, and purpose. I reach out. I forgive. I laugh.

When I find myself acting as if God is there, lo and behold, I often find God is there. It seems the less I look, the more I find.” -Chris Yaw