Faith with a Twist: The Season of Lent

yoga posesThe authors of Faith with a Twist: A 30-Day Journey into Christian Yoga, Hillary D. Raining and Amy Nobles Dolan, offer Faith with a Twist: The Season of Lent for your Lenten journey.

Lent is a time of preparation as we move toward the great feast of Easter. Since the early church, Christians have marked this season with prayer, penitence, fasting, self-denial, and acts of charity. As you have seen in this book, these themes are often explored in yoga as well as both practices call us into fuller relationship with Christ.

In the Western church, the forty days of Lent extend from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, omitting Sundays. The last three days of Lent are the sacred Triduum of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Today Lent has reacquired its significance as the final preparation of adult candidates for baptism.

Faith with a Twist: The Season of Lent offers thirty days of prayer, reflection, and practice. If you want to adapt your practice for the season of Lent, you can extend it to the full forty days by adding Sundays as well as the Holy Week Portions to your journey.

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