Forward Today: The Advent of Advent

In this week’s edition of our weekly Wednesday newsletter, Scott reflects on Advent, and how we might prepare ourselves to enter into this season of quiet and prayer.

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 Dear friends in Christ,
I love Advent. I love the discipline of waiting and yearning, something that our instant-gratification culture is not always good at. I love the prophetic call for justice that we hear again and again in the scripture readings for the season. I love the invitation to repent that this penitential time offers us. I love the opportunity to practice a truly counter-cultural Christian faith as we listen for the voice crying in the wilderness while the world is mostly focused on the voice of consumerism run amok.


 By Jonathunder – Own work / CC BY-SA 3.0

To really enter into the season of Advent so that we may receive the gifts it offers, we have to be intentional. If we are not deliberate in our focus on Advent, we will find ourselves swept along in the cacophony of buy-buy-buy now-now-now.

How will you enter into the season of Advent? Will you make time for quiet and prayer? Will you change your life in response to the voices of the Advent prophets? Will you look for ways to be courageous as Mary was courageous beyond measure? Will you keep your lamps lit as we prepare our hearts and lives for the glorious Second Coming of Jesus?

Forward Movement offers an array of Advent resources, and so do many other organizations. Your congregation may offer seasonal classes or practices. However you will savor Advent, I hope you will make ready so that when Advent begins, you are ready to embark on this brief but important journey.

Come Lord Jesus, quickly come.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Gunn
Executive Director

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