Summer Splash Sale: June 19th — June 23rd

Next week only, we are offering a sale on our books that have made a splash this year (note: these are not waterproof!). Each day of the week—from Monday to Friday—a different book will be featured, with a 40% discount!

Monday—The Path  

Regular $22 | Sale $13.20

The Path is the story of the Bible, excerpted from the New Revised Standard Version so that it is clear and easy to read. The Path has received a bronze medal in the Bible Study category of The Illumination Awards.

“There is nothing quite like the actual words of the Bible that tease, subvert, offend, and empower. Here they are! These careful excerpts transpose the Bible from an externally regarded totem to an actual living, compelling script.”

-Walter Brueggemann (Old Testament scholar and renowned theologian)

Tuesday—Inwardly Digest

Regular $22 | Sale $13.20

Scholar Derek Olsen explores liturgical spirituality and how the prayer book serves as a repository of Christian wisdom and spiritual practice stretching back to the beginnings of the Christian movement. Focusing on three key elements—the Calendar, the Daily Office, and the Eucharist—he discusses the spiritual principles behind them and provides clear, practical, easy-to-follow explanations of the services.


Wednesday—Bible Challenge Day! 

This will feature:

The Bible Challenge 

Regular $18 | Sale $10.80

This year-long reading adventure includes meditations written by more than one hundred archbishops, bishops, deans, priests, and scholars. If you never thought you could read the whole Bible, The Bible Challenge is a wonderful way to embark on a holy pilgrimage joined by others from around the world!


A Journey with Matthew

Regular $15 | Sale $9.00

A Journey with Mark

Regular $15 | Sale $9.00

A Journey with Luke  

Regular $15 | Sale $9.00

A Journey with John

Regular $15 | Sale $9.00

Each Journey book includes fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, and prayers written by dynamic spiritual leaders from around the world. The series is an extension of The Bible Challenge, a global initiative to encourage daily engagement with the Word of God.

Thursday—The Power of Imperfection 

Regular $16 | Sale $9.60

Many of us go through life feeling as if we are failing to be the person we could be. But as this liberating book explores, there is power to be found in imperfection. Using stories from scripture and the news, personal experience, poems, and art, author Ruth Scott celebrates the messiness and creative potential of being human.



Friday—Bible Women

Regular $22 | Sale $13.20

In this groundbreaking book named best Bible study of 2015 by Illumination Book Awards, Episcopal priest Lindsay Hardin Freeman identifies every woman who speaks in the Bible, providing their words, context, and historical background. We learn which women speak the most (hint: it’s not Mary!) and which books of the Bible have the fewest words from women.


“The author weaves both heart and humor into her stories of the 93 women who speak in the Bible, and in her narration we discover ourselves. Like them we are broken. Like them, we find healing through God’s power. The author and her research partners….synthesized their research into a compelling analysis which the author shares of why the words these women spoke matters, even today. Especially today.”- Barbara Dundon