Forward Today: 50 Days of Fabulous

In this week’s Forward today, Scott reminds us that the Easter season isn’t over, and suggests we double down on our celebration.

Dear friends in Christ,

There’s big news! Everyone’s talking about it! It’s hard to focus on anything else! Yes, that’s right. The big news is that it’s Easter!

Maybe that’s not what you were expecting me to write. Sports, politics, world affairs, local news – it all seems to become so loud it drowns everything else out. And, yes, as Christians, we are in the middle of celebrating an event that makes everything else seem unimportant by comparison. You could be forgiven for thinking that Easter is over, because we Christians don’t always do a good job of keeping up the celebration.

By my count, today is very near the middle of the Easter season, which lasts 50 days. The church’s calendar gives us 50 days to celebrate an astonishing truth: God’s love is stronger than death or anything else that the evil powers of this world can think up. This doesn’t make our problems and concerns vanish, but it does mean that the power of God’s love is greater than anything we might face. Easter ought to be the headline story today and every day. At least for Christians it is the headline story for this whole season. To coin a phrase, Jesus is the reason for the season. So let’s talk about Jesus, and what he has done for us and our world. Let’s talk about Jesus and the salvation and grace he offers.

I suggest that we Christians double down on celebrating Easter. We do this not to deny problems, but to proclaim hope.

How can we double down on Easter? Check out 50 Days of Fabulous, a wonderful website for this Easter season with daily meditations. Greet someone with “Happy Easter” or “Christ is risen”. Insist on hope, not fear. Proclaim God’s love.

So, I’ll start. Christ is risen!

Yours faithfully,

Scott Gunn

Executive Director

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