Meet Minda Cox—February’s Forward Day by Day Author

Read by nearly a half-million people around the world each day, Forward Day by Day—Forward Movement’s iconic daily devotional—is a Jesus-centric source for individuals and churches seeking inspiration, encouragement, and scripture engagement. The meditations are substantively rich and offer a wide range of witness and experiences.

Each month’s meditations are written by a different author, reflecting the depth and breadth of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.

Through personal stories, scripture reflections, and a dose of humor, Forward Day by Day writers offer insights into some of faith’s biggest questions. But how much do you know about them?

For some time now, Forward Movement has published the names of each month’s author, and a brief paragraph about them. Now we want to share even more about these inspiring individuals.

Moving forward (see what we did there?), we’ll be sharing even more about our Forward Day by Day authors.

Forward Movement caught up with our February 2017 author, Minda Cox, at her home in Missouri. See the video below.

You can read Minda’s daily devotions in print, on Facebook, Twitter, or listen to them by subscribing to the Forward Day by Day podcast.

Also, check out the Forward Day by Day Reader’s Guide. You can use the guide on your own to enhance your experience of the month’s meditations, gather a group from your parish to explore these questions together, or join in the discussion with Forward Movement’s online community.