Meet ‘The Path: A Journey Through the Bible’

Here at Forward Movement, we believe and rely on the power of the Gospel and the miraculous undertaking of a journey—whether we are making pilgrimages to holy places around the world or to one of our favorite lunchtime haunts around the corner. To that end, we’ve focused our second year of a three-year curriculum around the best story we know—the story of God’s extraordinary love for ordinary people as told in the Bible.


The Path: A Journey Through the Bible is our latest offering. Passages from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible are knit together with Scenic Views, Points of Interest, Trail Crossings, and YOU ARE HERE bits of narrative information. It is the Bible in an amazing 360-degree panorama. We’ve compressed the story in places, so you don’t find yourself tripping over long lists of “begets and begots” and you may notice that a couple of familiar stories aren’t included. The Path is a way to help you get into the Bible, to dig deeper, to discover what trails through God’s grace you want to spend more time on and get to know as your own special way to the heart of Love. You might even find yourself transformed by this journey with The Path, and like the saints, be compelled to see the world as your hungry brothers and sisters in need—and to offer them the best nourishment you know, the Bread of Heaven.

You may also be interested in our line of The Path companion resources. A free facilitator’s guide is available for download, making reading and working through the stories in The Path a stress-free and substantive choice for personal, small group, or congregational Bible studies and formation opportunities.  

We also have The Path: Family Storybook, which walks with you and your family all the way through the story of the Bible and augmented by beautiful original artwork. A free, downloadable facilitators’ guide accompanies this resource, so that it is immediately adaptable for Christian formation opportunities that occur in your home, carpool, or church classroom.

Walking along The Path isn’t all about work—it’s also about taking moments to breathe and integrate what we’re learning about God’s great love for us. So, you might consider picking up a copy of Pathways of Faith: An All-Ages Coloring Book. Taking the beautiful illustrations Roger Speer created for our Family Storybook and pairing them up with corresponding Bible passages, we’ve given ourselves a little space to be creative, to trace the footsteps and heartbeats of the stories and the saints who have gone before us, pointing us toward the author and perfecter of our faith.

To celebrate the launch of the Path resources, we’re holding a sale! Now through Sunday, take 20% off The Path, The Path: Family Storybook, and Pathways of Faith. (If the discount doesn’t appear for you automatically, just enter THEPATH promo code at checkout.) Enjoy!