ICYMI: Week of 10/14/16

Welcome back to In Case You Missed It, our blog roundup of the latest stories around the #Episcopal world. Here are some of the topics that captured our attention this week.

Last Sunday, we launched A Season of Prayer: For an Election, an effort to engage in a prayerful and nonpartisan way with this contentious election season. As Scott Gunn wrote in a recent edition of the Forward Today newsletter, “For Christians, there is always one thing we can do, every one of us. We can pray.” Each day, we’ve been posting a prayer image on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Adelante Dia a Dia. Here’s what they look like:


We’ve truly been overwhelmed by the response to these. Across our social media platforms, we’ve heard testaments to the power of prayer and seen the #Episcopal community in action. We’ve also seen users share their own specific prayers and images, such as this one from St. Michael’s, NYC:


On Monday, we posed a new Question of the Week:


We got a ton of great answers to this one, with Mary, Mary Magdalene, Paul and Peter leading the way. Some creative responses:

“David, whose passion and pathos before God created a graciousness which made his name, ‘Beloved of God’ unique in Holy Scripture.”

“Jonah. He’s a reluctant prophet who has a tantrum when God does what God says. I find him relatable.”

“Peter—both of us are hardheaded.”

Check out more responses and weigh in on the Forward Day by Day Facebook page here.

And as the #Episcopal conversation starts to turn toward Advent, it’s time to get excited for… Advent calendars! We leave you with a sample of the new 2016 edition from Susan Elliott and Jay Sidebotham, which you can now order here:


Have a great weekend!