Forward Today: The Gift of Communion

In this week’s edition of our weekly newsletter, Scott Gunn reflects on a remarkable week at General Synod in Toronto, and the gift of communion among Anglicans worldwide.

Dear friends in Christ,

I’ve just been in Canada for a few days, visiting the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. My primary purpose was, with a colleague, to represent Forward Movement in their exhibit hall. While we did sell a few things, our main desire was to tell Anglicans in Canada what we’ve been up to lately and to learn a bit more about how we can better serve the needs of the church there.


As time permitted, I spent time observing the synod at work. When people stopped by our booth, I was able to talk with people about Forward Movement, but also about the life of the church in Canada. On Sunday morning, I left synod to visit a couple of Anglican congregations for worship. All of it was a gift.

Every person I met was delighted to learn that I was visiting from the Episcopal Church. Receiving the gift of hospitality is a deep honor, always. As I spent time with fellow Anglicans in worship and conversation, I was moved by how similar our churches are. In many ways, coming to a Sunday service in the Anglican Church of Canada isn’t much different at all from doing the same in an Episcopal Church. But I was also moved by differences, the sometimes subtle ways our churches address our contexts.

In particular, I was impressed by the depth of engagement at General Synod with issues of race and culture, especially the relationship between Indigenous people and Settlers. The amount of time, energy, and care invested in these issues will surely make a lasting impact on all those who were there. I wonder what would happen in our church if we did the same?

I could write a book about my gratitude for the Anglican Church of Canada and my time with them, and I could write a similar book about my time with Anglicans in many nations around the world. Today my heart is overflowing.

Every day, in Forward Day by Day, we invite you to pray for Anglicans around the world. Please join fervently in those prayers. If you have a chance to visit an Anglican or Episcopal church around the world, receive the gift of hospitality with grace. And when someone from a distant realm arrives in your congregation, receive them as Jesus Christ.
Let us all give thanks for the Anglican Communion and for the diversity of God’s people on earth.
Yours faithfully, 

Scott Gunn
Executive Director

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