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March Staff Picks

Our March Staff Picks include two books and a podcast! The books are 10% off today only (March 10th, est) and the Forward Day by Day podcast is available anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Forward Through the Years
Forward Through the Years resonates with me right now. March is my birth month, and I wanted to see what the Spirit was saying in Forward Day by Day in different years in March. I connected with many of the meditations from March verses April and May. I wonder what you think of your birth month’s reflections throughout the years.”

The Forward Day by Day Podcast
“As someone always on the move, podcasts are my preferred format. The Forward Day by Day podcast is a great way to start my mornings, whether I plug my headphones in on an early morning walk or as I curl up with a cup of coffee.”

The Social Justice Bible ChallengeThe Social Justice Bible Challenge
“An important and powerful read, which will call you not only to prayer, but hopefully to action, as well.”

February Staff Picks

Our February Staff Picks include our newest Lenten resource, a resource to inspire your soul, and a classic prayer book. These titles are 10% off today only (February 6th, est).

“The authors offer an engaging way to continue the Lenten journey. Each day of the week features a different way to think about Lent, from personal reflections to recalling the wisdom of the Desert Fathers to exploring what the animals and plants of the desert might teach us about our own lives.”

Slaying Your Goaliths


“The story of David and Goliath is a story many of us think we know well. Spend some time rediscovering the wisdom and knowledge in this truly epic event in biblical history. This book offers us a powerful way of living into our own call, in spite of seemingly-insurmountable obstacles.”

Prayers for all Occasions“Maybe you’ve been in the kitchen of a truly wonderful cook. You’ve seen the weathered wooden spoons that sing the flavors of untold good things, the heart-shaped ding in the copper kettle, the well-seasoned cast iron skillet that never sticks and always makes everything taste better. Prayers for All Occasions is just like that kitchen, only for our hearts. Open any page, and prayers from across the whole wide heart of the Church will help nourish and comfort your soul.”

December Staff Picks

We invite you to check out our December Staff Picks. These books make great gifts AND great companions to the Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany seasons. These titles are 10% off today only (December 5th, est).

Broken coverBroken helped my teenage daughters and me through some dark times. I’m grateful for Ryan Casey Waller’s willingness to share story after story of his brokenness and the brokenness of others in his life—proving that by sharing our wounds, we are all healed. Broken reminds me that even when I feel most insecure and damaged, I’m never alone.”


“I really enjoyed thinking about angels in new ways—and it was fascinating to learn about how art reflects different understandings of angels. I love having the paintings and drawings in the book!”

“What better way to start the new year with the first words of the Gospel of John: “In the beginning…” This resource is an excellent companion for the Good Book Club, which invites Episcopalians across the church to read the Gospel of John, from Epiphany through Shrove Tuesday.”

November Staff Picks

Our November Staff Picks were selected especially to help guide your Advent journey! Order today—November 14th (EST)—for 10% off your purchase.

O Wisdom: Advent Devotions on the Names of Jesus 

“This book is such a lovely way to read through Advent. Anchored by KariAnn Lessner (Christ Church Cathedral, Houston) and Mark Bouzutti-Jones (Trinity Church, New York) and featuring voices from across the Church, meditations on the ancient themes of redemption and restoration sing across the season.

If you are looking for a way to spend five minutes a day in quiet reflection, this book will be a fantastic resource. Want to spend time with a friend who will tell you a good story, or hear a word from the pulpit? You’ll find those stories here too. Prepare your heart to welcome Jesus this advent. Rejoice!”


“A favorite Advent tradition of mine! I look forward to reading, reflecting, and coloring each day through Advent.”





Dog in the Manger: Finding God in Christmas Chaos

“I enjoy the humor AND the illustrations! A great read for the Advent season.”

October Staff Picks

Here are our staff picks for this month! All of these are great books for group studies or solo reads. Order today–October 3rd–for 10% off your purchase.

Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter

Bible Women“An interesting and empowering book. Love to hear these stories…many of which were left out of my Bible studies growing up!”



For the Beauty of the Earth: Daily Devotions Exploring Creation

“The gorgeous watercolor paintings by Kathrin Burleson make this book special. And I enjoy reading devotions based on something I so adore and connect with: nature.”




The Bible Challenge: Read the Bible in a Year

The Bible Challenge“Reading the Bible can be really intimidating, but The Bible Challenge makes it accessible. Can be started at any time, but I started in January, because I wanted to commit to reading more scripture this year.”