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Review of Come & See: Reflections on the Life of Jesus

Come & See: Reflections on the Life of Jesus
Curated by Sanford Smith

John 1:38-39. “The disciples said, ‘Rabbi, where are you staying?’ He said to them, ‘Come and see.’”

As a regular contributor to the online commentaries on Forward Day by Day since 2012, I welcome this opportunity to share my observations of Sanford Smith’s excellent collection Come & See: Reflections on the Life of Jesus.

He has successfully produced an inspiring collection, a life’s journey narrated by passages from scripture and from commentaries by contributors to Forward. Its format is simple and direct: a series of meditations on readings from the Gospels that reflect the life of Jesus in chronological order, presented as a biography in the form of a symposium, and consisting of a variety of individual writing styles by multiple authors.

Sanford Smith’s project has obviously involved a thoughtful sifting-out process of countless scripture readings and commentaries pertaining to Jesus’ life, and as a result has come up with a complete and reverent summation. Congratulations on a splendid contribution to the Forward Movement!

—Dr. David Yeomans