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ICYMI: A weekly blog roundup

Welcome to In Case You Missed It, a new end-of-week feature we’ll be running here on the Forward Movement blog. Here are some of the stories that captured our attention in the Episcopal social media world this week:

The House of Bishops wrapped up their time in Detroit with an inspiring video. It was an excellent reminder in this fraught election cycle that it was like that in Jesus’ time too. (You can scroll down that page for a full series of videos from the fall 2016 meetings, and check out the top tweets at #hobfall2016.)

In the wake of shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte, the Episcopal community spoke out and shared prayer across social media. We thought this BCP prayer on the Episcopal Church’s Facebook page was apt for this painful moment:


We read two thoughtful takes on Matthew as we celebrate his feast: Jay Sidebotham’s Monday Matters spoke to the saint’s lessons of mercy and grace. On Grow Christians, Marcus Halley wrote that “celebrating the Feast of St. Matthew is the celebration of the lengths that Christ comes to find each of us and the heights to which we are capable of soaring in the knowledge and love of God.”

In an Ember Day edition of Forward Today, Scott Gunn wrote about the importance of praying for clergy, reflecting that it was a practice he enjoyed even before his own call to ministry. We also loved flickr user samdessordi’s striking photo:


And speaking of Bishops, the always-funny Episcopal Church Memes gave us a smile: