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Note: As we continue to pray for healing for the Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, this weekly message will feature guest writers from the Forward Movement staff and board of directors. Today’s message comes from Beth Lewis, Interim Executive Director of Forward Movement and Executive Director of the Protestant Church-Owned Publishers Association (PCPA).

When St. Paul wrote to the Galatians (3:28) “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus,” I don’t think he was contemplating people in The Episcopal Church, AME Zion and Southern Baptist Convention working together to proclaim the Gospel and serve God’s people in the world. But I like to think that through his words we are encouraged to do exactly that!

I am privileged to work with the talented staff of Forward Movement as the interim Executive Director while Scott Gunn continues to heal during his medical leave. I’m a member of the ELCA and served as President & CEO for 1517 Media, the ELCA’s ministry of publishing for sixteen years, so we’re already in ecumenical-land!

Like The Episcopal Church, Forward Movement has many ecumenical partnerships. One you might not know about is the organization’s long-time membership in PCPA: Protestant Church-owned Publishers Association. This 71-year-old trade association for denominational publishers is a shining example of collaboration across denominational and theological lines. PCPA’s Heads of Houses (aka CEO’s & Executive Directors) met this past week in Minneapolis. At this meeting we focused on our common ground of praying for one another (especially Scott!), sharing joys and concerns about publishing books, curricula, devotionals and much more during times of turmoil and change. We talked about best practices for supply chain management and organizational culture with a hybrid workforce. It was a rich, mutually supportive gathering.

Forward Movement belongs to PCPA because focusing on best practices in their business helps provide sustainability for their mission to “Inspire disciples. Empower evangelists.” In my brief time as interim Executive Director, I have come to appreciate both the business and the ministry of Forward Movement for both The Episcopal Church and ecumenical partners. I support them with my financial contribution; I hope you will too, whether by purchasing resources for your church, as gifts or for your own faith journey or as a direct contribution to Forward Movement’s ministry.

Yours faithfully,

Beth Lewis
Interim Executive Director, Forward Movement

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