Forward Today: Discovering a deeper practice of prayer

Dear friends in Christ,

We publish a lot of books at Forward Movement, and I’m excited about each one of them in their own way. But I am especially excited about a book that will officially release tomorrow, Seek and You Will Find: Discovering a Practice of Prayer by Rhonda Mawhood Lee.

Over the last few years, we’ve published lots of books to help people discover the riches of scripture. We’ve offered all sorts of tools to support people in a daily habit of prayer, including podcasts and apps. But we haven’t had a really good introduction to the practice of prayer. As of tomorrow, we do!

Cover of book: Seek and You Will Find: Discovering a Practice of Prayer, by Rhonda Mawhood LeeRhonda Lee offers a practical tour of prayer practices. If you already have a rich prayer life, this book may help you broaden your practice. If prayer is something that you’ve never quite been able to get started on, here’s the perfect encouragement to begin.

When I was a parish priest, every now and then someone would say to me, “I want to pray, but I’m just not sure how to begin.” If this book had existed back then, I’d have given it to all sorts of folks.

One last bit of advice. Sometimes I hear from people that they want to pray, but they’re just not quite feeling it. Allow me to pass along some wisdom I’ve learned from friends in twelve-step programs. In the spiritual life, we may need to fake it till we make it. In other words, don’t wait to feel like praying. Just start praying every day, and before long, you will almost certainly feel like praying more. It’s really amazing.

If Seek and You Will Find seems like a book that’s useful to you or someone you know, it’s on sale for launch for just $15. More important though, I hope everyone who reads this email will find some way to have a habit of daily prayer. We are commanded to love God and to love our neighbors, and daily prayer is one of the best ways to love God.

Yours faithfully,

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Scott Gunn
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