New shareable Advent infographic

In a world that starts hawking Christmas just after Labor Day, it can be hard to explain that for Christians, something else comes first: the season of Advent.

Dr. Christopher Corbin, in partnership with Forward Movement, offers a wonderful solution: an easy-to-share (and understand) infographic about Advent. The infographic is designed to be both shared on your social media platforms as well as printed in sizes up to 11×14 inches. Download a PDF or JPEG

Corbin, missioner for transition and leadership with the Diocese of South Dakota, sees infographics as “an incredibly efficient and memory enhancing way of presenting information. We as a species are exceptionally well suited to interpreting and storing visual data. Somewhere between 50 and 80 percent of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing. As a result, information presented in a graphically relevant form can increase retention by up to 650% over a simple text presentation.”

Plus, he says, “They look really cool!” And we agree!

This infographic is our gift to you as we move into the season of Advent, a sacred time of waiting and preparing for the Christ child. We wish you every blessing this Advent.

Download the Advent Infographic: PDF or JPEG

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