RenewalWorks announces program for equipping lay leaders to be spiritual leaders



RenewalWorks is excited to announce a new program for lay leaders, called ReviveRevive is a discipleship program for active lay leaders to help them grow in confidence as spiritual leaders who love God and want to live a Jesus-shaped life.

The program is designed for lay leaders who have worked so hard in their church yet who often feel they do not really know God.

Lay leaders will join their ordained minister in a safe, small-group setting, where they will gain confidence in praying, understanding scripture and developing their sense of call. They will be able to share their spiritual experiences and grow in intimacy with God as a follower of Jesus.

All video and written material is downloadable and can be run as either an integrated year-long year program, or as three separate and independent small-group workshops.

RenewalWorks, a ministry of Forward Movement, has spent the past four years helping parishes (and the individuals in them) refocus their work on spiritual vitality. Through a guided methodology of self-reflection, sharing and workshop discussion, RenewalWorks challenges parishes to refocus on spiritual growth and to identify ways that God is calling them to grow.

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