ICYMI: Week of 2/5/17

Welcome back to the latest In Case You Missed It, a.k.a. ICYMI, our weekly blog roundup of the latest stories around the @fwd_mvt and #Episcopal world.

If you’re a regular Forward Day by Day reader, you may have noticed that this new month of meditations is particularly exciting. First off, do you like this cover as much as we do? Here’s the official one, next to Twitter user @ElizaYoda’s version:


How cool is that? Be sure to check out Roger Speer’s adult coloring book Pathways of Faith, if you haven’t already.

And that cover is just the beginning. This month’s meditations also feature Moving Forward—a daily action or question sparked by the reflection. You can share yours using the hashtag #ForwardDaybyDay. And if you haven’t watched this video with February author Minda Cox, she is truly inspiring:

For many around the church, this is the week to place that big order of Lenten resources. We liked this guide that the Episcopal Church in Minnesota put together (OK, we may be biased because we were excited to see our new Ashes and the Phoenix on the cover, but all these resources sound terrific!)

Much of the conversation on #Episcopal social media lately has been around the role ‘political’ issues can or should play in the pulpit. We’ve heard a lot of wise words on this complex issue, but Tim Schenck’s reflections on Thursday were particularly worth reading. Here’s Tim’s blog post, titled ‘In Good Faith: Seeking a Moral Compass.’

Have a peaceful week, and may the countdown to Lent Madness begin! Have you picked up your Saintly Scorecard yet?