ICYMI: Week of 12/22

We’re guessing many readers may be en route to Christmas celebrations tomorrow (if not already), so we’re running an abridged In Case You Missed It a day early this week. So you don’t miss it!

With four candles lit, the talk in the #Episcopal and @fwd_mvt world has naturally turned to the weekend’s Christmas celebration. But that celebration doesn’t have to end on Sunday. In fact, wrote Scott Gunn in this week’s newsletter, the best time enjoy the season may be in the relaxing time after Christmas Day. This year, will you savor all 12 days?

Grow Christians has launched a new project to help you do just that. Titled #12Days, the project offers daily activities, readings, songs and more, all designed for the whole family to enjoy the whole Christmas season—and each inspired by a lyric from ‘The 12 Days of Christmas.’ It’s a great way to enjoy some fun and faithful family time after 12/25.

Also on #GrowChristians, we loved what Marcus Halley wrote about the story of Thomas and the nature and role of doubt in faith: ‘Jesus Welcomed St. Thomas’ Doubt: What About Mine?’

If you’re a regular Priest Pulse listener, you already know about the great podcasts Ben and Colin have been producing this year—and if you’re not, their ‘Very Merry Priest Pulse Family Christmas’ is a perfect place to start. Lots of nostalgic Christmas fun, and perfect if you’ve got a plane or train or car ride ahead!

We wrap up with today’s image from the Journey through Advent app, per Jay Sidebotham’s illustration—as colored by Twitter user @auntiesdollhouse.

A lovely message to carry with us into this holiday weekend. Merry Christmas!