Forward Movement Announces New Video Curriculum on Science and Faith


Are science and faith compatible? Ordained scientists in The Episcopal Church offer insight on this sometimes controversial question through a new groundbreaking video curriculum offered by Forward Movement, now available for free download. The curriculum, offered in partnership with the Committee on Science, Technology and Faith, invites a sense of wonder and discovery to play a part in building care for creation in our faith communities.


In the Beginning explores the Bible’s basic doctrine of creation, the modern scientific worldview, perspectives on the Big Bang and evolution, and the biblical roots for environmental care. The Rev. Stephanie Johnson says it is a “thoughtful, engaging invitation into a deeper understanding of all God’s Creation.” Featured clergy-scientists include Katharine Jefferts Schori— former Presiding Bishop and oceanographer; Nicholas Knisely—the Bishop of Rhode Island and physicist; Rev. Lucas Mix—evolutionary biologist; Rev. Alistair So—microbiologist; and the Rev. Stephanie Johnson—environmentalist.

Day Smith Pritchartt, executive director of The Episcopalian Evangelism Society says, “As an evangelism effort, it speaks to those who are passionate about the environment but may not know that people of faith are, too. For those who are within the church but struggling to reconcile their faith with science, it gives them a creed that embraces both.”

In the Beginning serves as an excellent platform for a Sunday School or adult formation course. The curriculum serves as a deeper exploration of A Catechism of Creation, a downloadable document that explores The Episcopal Church’s understanding of creation in the traditional question-and-answer format. A Catechism of Creation is available for free download at Four weeks of free downloadable lesson plans, discussion questions, and links to downloadable videos for each class are available here.

Forward Movement is a ministry of The Episcopal Church located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since 1935 we have produced resources to inspire disciples and empower evangelists around the globe.