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Forward Day by Day app and website upgrades add Spanish content, new features

Forward Movement has updated its popular Forward Day by Day app and Daily Prayer website with a Spanish language setting, as well as a fourth daily podcast.

App users and website visitors may now select English or Spanish in their preferences, changing the scripture, prayers, and devotions, as well as navigation and system settings. Ongoing improvements to scripture translations will continue to improve the reading experience in Spanish in the coming months.

Scripture Day by Day podcast logoThe upgrade also unveils Scripture Day by Day, a new daily office podcast following the readings listed in Forward Day by Day, with lectionary readings for Sundays and Major Feasts following the Revised Common Lectionary.

Created by the Rev. Canon Wiley Ammons of Jacksonville, Florida, Scripture Day by Day joins three podcasts already available for playback within the app and website: the Forward Day by Day Podcast, A Morning at the Office, and An Evening at Prayer. All are available across major podcast platforms and on the Forward Movement website.

The latest improvements are thanks to the work of the Rev. Greg Johnston of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who overhauled the app and website in the summer of 2021. Johnston is also the creator of the popular Venite app, which Forward Movement began sponsoring in 2020.

“These upgrades have a tangible impact on people’s journey with Jesus, especially as we navigate a busy and distracting world,” said the Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, Forward Movement executive director. “We’re honored to work with a dedicated community of partners and donors to improve this free offering for the church.”

Visitors to the website ( will see the new options immediately, though a browser refresh may be needed. Users of the Forward Day by Day app should automatically receive the update, depending on their device and settings.

The donor-supported app is available free of charge on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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La aplicación “Forward Day by Day” ahora está disponible en español, y con más funciones

Forward Movement ha actualizado la aplicación “Forward Day by Day” y el sitio web de oración diaria, que ahora ofrece el texto en español y un cuarto podcast diario.

Quienes usan la aplicación o visitan el sitio web podrán ahora seleccionar español o inglés, cambiando el idioma de las escrituras, oraciones y devociones, así como las configuraciones de navegación y sistema. En los próximos meses se harán mejoras adicionales.

Scripture Day by Day podcast logoLa aplicación incluye además “Scripture Day by Day”, un nuevo podcast del oficio diario que sigue las lecturas indicadas en Adelante día a día, con las lecturas del leccionario para los domingos y las fiestas mayores tal como aparecen en el Leccionario Común Revisado.

“Scripture Day by Day” fue creado por el Rev. Canónigo Wiley Ammons de Jacksonville, Florida, y se suma a los tres podcasts que ya están disponibles en la aplicación y el sitio web: El podcast de Forward Day by Day, A Morning at the Office y An Evening at Prayer. Todos están disponibles en las plataformas de podcasts y en el sitio web de Forward Movement.

Las mejoras más recientes las realizó el Rev. Greg Johnston de Cambridge, Massachusetts, que en el verano de 2021 renovó la aplicación y el sitio web. Johnston es también el creador de la aplicación Venite, que Forward Movement viene patrocinando desde 2020,

El Rev. Canónigo Scott Gunn, director ejecutivo de Forward Movement, dijo que “estas mejoras impactan de manera tangible nuestro caminar con Jesús, especialmente con los muchos trajines y distracciones de nuestro mundo. Nos honra poder trabajar con una comunidad de socios y donantes para mejorar este recurso que le ofrecemos gratuitamente a la iglesia”.

Las mejoras ya pueden verse en el sitio Quienes ya usan la aplicación Forward Day by Day recibirán una actualización automática según el dispositivo y las configuraciones que usen.

La aplicación, que es gratuita y se logró con el apoyo de donantes, se puede descargar en las tiendas digitales de Apple y de Google Play.

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Behind the Screen interview with Isabel Lynn-Ramos

Hugo Olaiz, Forward Movement Associate Editor for Latino and Hispanic Ministries, recently had a chance to interview Isabel Lynn Ramos, October 2021 author for Forward Day by Day.

Below is an excerpt from their conversation. Click here to listen to their entire conversation (in Spanish) on the Forward Day by Day podcast (episode released on September 30, 2021). 

Where are you from? What’s your profession?
I grew up in Toa Baja, a small town in the north of Puerto Rico. I have a degree in education with an emphasis on elementary school teaching. I later obtained a master’s degree in school administration. I have worked for eight years as a school principal and in the Early Head Start program.

How did you end up writing for Forward Day by Day?
I used to have a notebook where I would write down scriptural passages and my own spiritual meditations. That book ended up in my parents’ home, and in 2017, when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the house was flooded, and my notebook was lost. I was very saddened. Yet I believe that God intervened: when I learned about Forward Movement’s call for writers, I locked myself in my room and wrote the meditation samples. Only a few days later you called me, inviting me to write about my life experiences. The interactions and encouragement that I received from you and your colleagues have been a wonderful gift. I still can’t believe this is happening!

What would you like people to take away from your meditations?
I wrote about things that I have experienced in my time and place—the good, the bad, and the ugly. I hope and know many people will identify with my experiences.

Tell us briefly about the experiences you had in your neighborhood after Hurricane Maria.
Thousands in Puerto Rico were left homeless and ended up in shelters. People in our neighborhood lost everything. We had no electricity, water, or supplies. So we got organized to help each other. The neighbors set up teams to clean up the mud and debris. We also organized communal meals: on a specific date my mother would cook, then a next-door neighbor, and so forth. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, as if we were a family. And the Episcopal Church did tremendous work all across Puerto Rico, bringing emergency supplies, food, and water; they also spent time encouraging and praying with people.  We grew up as a neighborhood and also as a church.

Is there anything you would like to add?
I’m so grateful to you and the Forward Movement staff! Thank you for trusting this Puerto Rican woman to write these meditations.